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Summer Market August 4th 2012   






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AGM 10th May, with opportunities for open discussion and a chance to inform villagers about the woodland consulation meeting.

You can read the Minutes from 2011, the Finance Report 2011/2012,  and our Action Plan from 2011/2012 here.

Christmas Tree Shredding 7th January at  WenhastonVillage Hall

The shreddings went to the allotments for use on the paths there.

We hope to repeat this next year.



Photo-voltaic cells Autumn 2011 5 households had PV cells installed, with others considering it.



                          Annual General Meeting - May 26th 2011


You can read the Minutes from 2010

and also our 2010/2011 Action Plan with the outcomes


UEA’s Dr. Zoe Wallage from UEA's Low Carbon Innovation Centre presented the report

on how Wenhaston can reduce its carbon footprint and save money


Full report



Second carbon audit completed February 2010, and report presented at the AGM on April 29th. Why not read it and see how we did this time and what the main issues are for the village.


Now all completed and collected - so 17 more householders will be saving energy, money and the planet!


The scene in the Village Hall on Saturday Feb 27th, after the delivery!



Dr. Burgess, the Rural Advocate, visited the village with his team on July 16th 2009 to find out what we had done to reduce the effects of climate change. He was shown the new allotments, solar panels, and the Village Hall improvements. Also displays and information from the Commons Group and our primary school. They seemed to be really interested in everything and took information and issues back to the government.

 CONGRATULATIONS TO WENHASTON PRIMARY SCHOOL who held a Green Energy Day on 10th July 2009. To find out more, go to Wenhaston Primary School.

Did you see the article in the East Anglian Daily Times on Monday, June 29th 2009 about us? Wenhaston had a two page spread, about our achievements in saving energy and the Village Hall in particular. You can read the article here EastAnglianDailyTimesJune292009.pdf.                             


Church Room Energy Efficiency Measures

We have worked with the church to insulate the loft and make the door draught free. Hopefully everyone is now feeling the benefit of this                                                   

Give and Take Day - April 25th 2009

With the help of Bright Green, we held our first Give and Take Day in the Village Hall, with much given and much taken so that we saved 23 tonnes of carbon! Things which had languished in lofts and garages for months or more were found good homes in and around the village. We were very grateful to Sue and Anna from Bright Green for working with us on this.



                        Some of our team at the start of the day.


                             Our master composter setting up



           The recycling bus provided activities for children.

          Someone even gave a kitchen sink!


Annual General Meeting - March 26th 2009

This was our first A.G.M. and it was well-attended by interested villagers. We reported on a successful first 2 years, and discussed our Action Plan for the next year. The formal business was concluded promptly, followed by refreshments, music from Bridget Cousins, and a chance to chat informally about our projects.

Chair's report

Financial report





November 2008 - Energy Fair

The Energy Fair was a great success! Over 150 people came - with many in time to hear our MP the Rt. Hon. John Gummer give a very supportive and appreciative opening speech - there was a report in the East Anglian Daily Times soon afterwards. John Midwinter’s presentation on climate change filled all seats on the stage, and Muck and Magic farmers sold every banger, burger and bun they brought. Jon Bell (EnergyMix) got us thinking about the village’s existing facilities and how they might be more energy-efficient and life-enhancing. Feedback received will be collated and discussed further in the New Year. The displays included Sustainable Bungay, which has been inspired by our achievements. Adam East showed an example of one of the compost toilets he distributes, ideally suited for allotments, garden studios or field workers. The School produced a magnificent visual display focusing on energy issues, their “Grow your Own” project, and the award they’ve won. The Warmer Wenhaston insulation project was launched, in conjunction with SEAL and EST.

March 2008 - Insulation Day

A good crowd dropped into the Hall  and got what they needed, we hope - latest information on insulation grants and low-cost deals. Teresa Howarth and Dee Hibble of Suffolk Energy Action Link (SEAL) advised on benefits and grants available, and showed examples of internal insulation for non-cavity walls. Over half who came immediately booked a survey by Aran Insulation who are working with power companies on this scheme. They have a choice of two materials - Rockwool (made of Irish rock) and Warmcell (recycled paper). The latter has low embodied energy (energy involved in production) and is good for lofts and timber-frame walls, but not for solid walls where moisture could damage it. We have details of other materials available - all the way from sheeps wool and hemp to fibreglass. If you are interested in Ecoteams please contact us.

Check Warmer Wenhaston for current project.

June 2007 - Village Energy Day and Roadshow

Wenhaston is now established as one of those villages taking the subject of climate change seriously - as shown by the buzzing mix of residents and others who came to our ENERGY DAY on Saturday 30th June. The Primary School gave a fabulous opening performance - chanting, dancing, singing and playing instruments made from recycled materials - and Heather Phillips, Parish Councillor for 50 years, spoke about the Wenhaston of her childhood and that era’s approach to recycling, re-using and careful energy use. Ian Dunnett, Project Manager for Suffolk: Greenest County, A Suffolk Strategic Partnership initiative, introduced his work supporting local carbon reduction and increased options for sustainable living.

The hall and car park were filled with stalls and displays giving serious practical suggestions for energy-saving, as well as amusing and inspiring activities - making jewellery from recycled materials, and test riding electric cycles and a hybrid car. Suzanne Lacey of Energy Saving Trust described how EST can respond to the rising groundswell of interest in managing energy consumption. To finish, we feasted on barbecued sausages and beefburgers from our very own local meat producers, Muck and Magic.

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